TIGER Filter Presses

TIGER filter presses are a type of industrial liquid-solid separation and dewatering equipment that are a hybrid between overhead beam and side beam filter presses. This type of filter press features two upper beams, one on each side of the press above the filter plates. 

How Diefenbach TIGER Filter Presses Work

Diefenbach TIGER filter presses consist of two overheam beams located at the upper sides of a pack of vertical filter plates. The plates feature a recessed area on both sides. At the beginning of the filtration cycle, a hydraulic cylinder presses these plates together so that the recessed areas form a series of chambers. 

When the feed slurry is pumped into the filter press, the liquid in the slurry passes through filter cloths attached to the plates. The solids in the slurry are captured on the cloths. When the plates open at the end of the filtration cycle, the solids are discharged as drip-free cakes.

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Closeup image of TIGER Filter Press plates inside the wash bay

Why Diefenbach TIGER Filter Presses

Diefenbach TIGER filter presses offer the benefits of both overhead beam and side beam filter presses. They were designed for dewatering concrete sludge but can be used for a variety of dewatering applications. Engineered with carbon steel components for ultimate durability, Diefenbach's TIGER filter presses and components are selected based on material testing and pilot testing in Diefenbach's in-house lab. 

With more than a century of experience designing and manufacturing filter presses, Diefenbach TIGER filter presses are thoughtfully engineered with reliability and ease of maintenance in mind. Diefenbach TIGER filter presses feature bidirectional feeding, core blow, cake dry, automatic cloth washing and more. 

TIGER filter presses offer the benefits of side beam filter presses and overhead beam filter presses, including advanced wash and plate shaking systems.

Features & Benefits of Diefenbach TIGER Filter Presses

A hybrid design incorporating benefits of overhead and side beam filter presses

When rapid auto wash and plate shaking systems are needed in a compact footprint, Diefenbach's TIGER filter press is designed to incorporate the key benefits of overhead beam and side beam filter presses into one compact package.

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Advanced automation and remote monitoring packages

Advanced automation and remote assistance packages are available for all Diefenbach equipment lines.

Rapid overhead automated wash system

TIGER filter presses incorporate a rapid auto wash system that can be programmed to actuate at varying cycle intervals depending on the application.


Easy cloth and plate maintenance

Diefenbach TIGER filter presses allow ease of filter plate and cloth maintenance with greater plate access from both the top and the sides of the machine. 

Bidirectional feeding

Difenbach TIGER filter presses are fed from both ends of the press to improve chamber filling. 

Plate shaking

Diefenbach TIGER filter presses feature a plate shaking step that helps to remove any residue left on the filter cloth after the solids cake is discharged. 

Core blow and cake dry

Diefenbach TIGER filter presses feature a core blowing step to remove any slurry that remains in the central feeding ports. This step helps to improve cake dryness upon discharge. Diefenbach TIGER filter presses also offer a cake drying option to further improve the dryness of the solid cakes.

Bomb bay doors

Diefenbach TIGER filter presses feature bomb bay-style drip tray doors underneath the plate pack to catch the water used in the cloth washing and channel it away from the press. 


Types of Filter Plates

Diefenbach offers two different filter plate options: recessed and membrane. 


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Types of Filter Press Opening Systems

Diefenbach offers several different types of plate opening systems.


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Lab Testing

Diefenbach tests the feed material for each application to design the best filter press for the job. 


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