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For more than a century, Diefenbach has been providing reliable, long-lasting filtration and dewatering equipment for a variety of industries. 

A History of Filtration Expertise

Diefenbach was founded in 1907 in Monza, Italy, by Giorgio Diefenbach. The company began as a producer of industrial-style presses for squeezing olives to extract the oil. 
Since then, Diefenbach has expanded into hundreds of other industries around the world, providing filtration and dewatering equipment for liquid-solid separation of chemicals, food and beverages, mineral concentrates, aggregate tailings, battery recycling and more. Diefenbach specializes in the design and manufacture of a number of equipment styles, including overhead beam filter presses, side beam filter presses and a hybrid of these two styles that Diefenbach has named the TIGER. The company also offers the iONIC range of filter presses, a line of specially engineered filter presses designed for withstanding highly acidic and corrosive sludges, such as in lead-acid and lithium-ion battery recycling applications.
Diefenbach also offers a range of industrial thickeners, furthering its liquid-solid separation capabilities. These machines provide sludge dewatering as a stand-alone offering or they can be used to dewater sludge ahead of a filter press.
In 2023, Diefenbach entered into an agreement to join the McLanahan Family of Companies, which includes McLanahan Corporation, Eagle Iron Works, Anaconda and RubbleCrusher. As part of the McLanahan Family of Companies, Diefenbach will join a global network of industrial equipment manufacturers that share Diefenbach's reputation as a leader in the markets they service.

Diefenbach produces highly reliable, long-lasting machines with guaranteed performance.


Lab Testing

Diefenbach tests the feed material for each application to design the best filter press for the job. 


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Founded in 1907, Diefenbach began manufacturing filter presses for the production of olive oil.


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Diefenbach designs liquid-solid separation equipment for a variety of industries.


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