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Since 1907, Diefenbach has been a leader in designing and manufacturing durable filtration and dewatering equipment for liquid-solid separation applications in a variety of industries. With a know-how derived from more than a century of experience and a highly skilled team of technicians, Diefenbach engineers each piece of equipment to suit the needs of its customers.

Our Services

As the leading filtration authority, Diefenbach does more than design and manufacture liquid-solid separation equipment. The company also provides the following services:

Lab & Pilot Testing

Selecting the right piece of equipment for an application begins with material testing in Diefenbach's in-house laboratory. Diefenbach performs a detailed analysis of the feed material and can also simulate scenarios in a pilot filter press to monitor each filtration parameter.
Three Overhead Beam Filter Presses installed in a shed

Equipment Design & Production

Diefenbach designs and manufactures filter presses and thickeners engineered specifically for each application.  These duties include Mineral Concentrates, Tailings applications as well  explosion proof or highly acid applications such as battery recycling.

Installation Supervision & Commissioning

Diefenbach provides assistance during and after installation and startup by providing an on-site team of highly skilled and trained technicians to help with equipment commissioning.

Overhead shot of the Diefenbach Side Beam Filter Press

Maintenance & Spare Parts

Diefenbach supports the customer with maintenance, spare parts and highly skilled technicians to provide service for the lifetime of the machine.

Innovation of Techniques & Equipment

Since 1907 Diefenbach is constantly innovating and evolving its designs to ensure better performance in every area of filtration and thickening.



Lab Testing

Diefenbach tests the feed material for each application to design the best filter press for the job. 


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Founded in 1907, Diefenbach began manufacturing filter presses for the production of olive oil.


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Diefenbach designs liquid-solid separation equipment for a variety of industries.


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