iONIC Filter Presses

Diefenbach's iONIC filter press is a type of industrial liquid-solid separation and dewatering equipment designed specifically for processing acidic and corrosive sludges for applications such as lead and lithium battery recycling. 

How Diefenbach iONIC Filter Presses Work

Diefenbach iONIC filter presses are built using high-grade stainless steel and other protective coatings where necessary. This allows them to withstand even the most acidic and corrosive sludges and makes them ideal for processing a variety of highly acidic slurries, such as in lead and lithium battery recycling applications. 

Like all Diefenbach filter presses, the iONIC filter press features recessed or membrane plates that when pressed together form chambers. The acidic sludge is pumped into the filter press from both ends, filling the chambers. The solids in the slurry are trapped inside the chamber on cloths attached to the filter plates. The liquid in the slurry passes through these cloths and exits the press. At the end of the filtration cycle, the plates open, discharging the solid cakes. 


Why Diefenbach iONIC Filter Presses

Diefenbach has been designing and manufacturing filter presses for a wide variety of industries and applications since 1907. Backed by extensive filtration knowledge, Diefenbach iONIC filter presses are designed with high-grade stainless steel and specialized coatings where necessary to protect the components from highly acidic and corrosive sludges, making them ideal for processing material in lead and lithium battery recycling applications.

Diefenbach filter presses are built sturdier, allowing for great durability over the years. With only one hydraulic cylinder to close the press, synchronization of the plates is guaranteed. Plus, Diefenbach backs it iONIC filter presses with lifetime service and support.

Diefenbach's iONIC filter press range is designed to withstand even the most acidic and corrosive of sludges. 

Features & Benefits of Diefenbach iONIC Filter Presses

Centuries of design evolution for handling the most acidic and corrosive sludges.

Recycling batteries or sludge with highly corrosive or acid slurry? Diefenbach iONIC Filter Press range is engineered to suit even the toughest chemical applications.

Depending on the chemicals in question, high-grade stainless steels and specialized coatings are used to protect the filter press from chemical attack.

iONIC Filter Press on Display
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Advanced automation and remote monitoring packages

Advanced automation and remote assistance packages are available for all Diefenbach equipment lines.

Robotic high-pressure automated wash system

Diefenbach's robotic automatic wash system allows for complete refreshing of the filter cloths at pressures up to 100 Bar (1450 psi).  

In highly acid or corrosive environments, this reduces the exposure of the plant operators while also increasing life of the filter media.


Sturdy design with one cylinder

Diefenbach iONIC filter presses are sturdy, allowing for greater durability over the years. With only one cylinder on the main drive, plate synchronization with Diefenbach iONIC filter presses is guaranteed.

High-quality components

Diefenbach only manufactures its iONIC filter presses with high-quality components, ensuring excellent performance. 

Dual feeding

Diefenbach iONIC filter presses feature a dual slurry feed for optimum chamber filling.

Core blow and cake dry

The core blow feature on Diefenbach iONIC filter presses removes the slurry from the central feed port after a filtration cycle to improve cake dryness. They also can feature a cake drying step to further improve the dryness of the filter cakes.


Types of Filter Plates

Diefenbach offers two different filter plate options: recessed and membrane. 


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Types of Filter Press Opening Systems

Diefenbach offers several different types of plate opening systems.


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Lab Testing

Diefenbach tests the feed material for each application to design the best filter press for the job. 


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